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OK, we know you’re busy so we’ll get right to the point. Your warehouse or worksite faces a complex range of challenges every single day. At NITCO, our mission is to help you solve them. So let’s start by talking about your most immediate challenge today. The more information you can provide when filling out this handy form, the better we’ll be able to get to work exchanging ideas about your ideal solution.


Warehouse systems, forklifts and material handling solutions are our specialty. But we also bring something extra to the table. Here are some of the many reasons to work with the team at NITCO.

  • Fast response time — Whatever your request, we’ll have a subject matter expert contact you right away, usually within one business day.
  • We listen to you — One way we stand out from our competition is by being the best “listeners.” That means asking the right questions to truly understand your operation, rather than just focusing on selling equipment.
  • World-class partnerships — Our network of leading material handling industry partners is second to none.
  • We’re forward-thinking — In addition to working with you to solve day-to-day challenges, we’re laser focused on future growth and how the latest technology can make your business more efficient and profitable than ever.
  • 50 years of experience — We’ve been helping companies of all sizes and across a range of industries get the job done more efficiently since 1969.
  • Friendly, expert team members — Whether you’re looking to buy a forklift or upgrade an entire warehouse operation with smart, state-of-the-art engineered systems, our talented team is staffed with experts in every area.
    • Top-quality new and used forklifts
    • Innovative warehouse equipment
    • Robotic solutions
    • Wireless fleet management systems
    • Automated conveyor systems
    • Smart storage solutions
    • Industrial cleaning equipment
    • Energy-efficient power options (hydrogen and lithium)
    • Equipment service and maintenance programs
    • Favorable financing options
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