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Warehouse Rack Systems

Rack Systems

NITCO specializes in warehouse rack systems and partners with multiple suppliers. NITCO can supply your company with any type of warehouse racking including selective, drive-in, push back, double deep, & cantilever. NITCO offers a wide range of quality American made Steel King products – safe and durable, they are designed to maximize manufacturing and warehouse efficiency.

Why Steel King?

Made with the highest quality materials available, Steel King products are built to last. Designed to resist the daily rigors of your environment, they last longer and provide greater safety.

Steel King is the nation’s only single-source manufacturer of pallet racks, drive-in rack, flow rack, pushback rack, pick modules, cantilever racks, portable racks, custom shipping racks, and industrial safety guard railing.

NITCO offers a wide range of quality American made Steel King products – safe and durable, designed to maximize manufacturing and warehouse efficiency.


Roll formed products are the most popular and versatile type of racking. Steel King’s closed tube design has become the industry gold standard for its quality and impact resistance.


Structural pallet rack is the product of choice for many because of its abuse resistance, strength, and rigidity.

Types of racking systems NITCO and Steel King offer:

  • Pallet Flow- Pallet Flow consists of wheeled flow rails set into a stationary rack.
  • Push Back- With product resting on nesting carts, Push Back rack is loaded and unloaded from the front. As the product is removed, the pallets roll gently to the front of the rack.
  • Drive In- Drive In racking is ideal for cost-effective high-density storage that allows forklift access. Because drive in is subject to more abuse than any other rack configuration, we engineer and manufacture to stand up to this punishment.
  • Cantilever Racks- Cantilever racks use arms to hold product, eliminating the need for a front column. It is ideal for long, bulky or oddly shaped loads. Easy loading and unloading lowers handling time and cost.
  • Pick Modules- Ideal for fulfillment centers; Pick Modules combine dynamic rack systems and conveyors for an efficient way to fulfill multiple SKU customer shipments in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Selective rack-the most versatile rack, single rows of rack are placed back to back. great for a warehouse with a variety of goods or applications
  • Double-deep rack- two rows of pallet racks are set back-to-back allowing for increased storage and maximum usage of warehouse space.

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