Safety Products

NITCO’s Safety Products are known as top quality, in-plant safety equipment. Our “systems” approach to the protection of employees and assets utilizes multiple products in order to create a safe work environment, down aisles, around corners, through entrances, overhead, and on the dock. Our products focus on increasing in-plant efficiency, space utilization, and safety.

Why Plant Safety Products from NITCO?

NITCO offers a complete line of safety products to protect personnel, inventory and equipment.

  • Steel Guard rail and posts protect people, product and equipment from forklift collisions and is one tough rail!
  • Amor Guard rails and posts are ideal for protecting people from light shop traffic.
  • Safety Gates – self closing and available in two or three rib corrugated options
  • Free-Standing Column Protectors shield rack columns from collision damage.
  • Snap Guard is an adjustable column protector for boltless rack.

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