NITCO is the exclusive Hawker Powersource dealer for New England!


NITCO offers utility vehicles for all your needs. Whether you are moving plants around a nursery or moving equipment in a convention center, we have the solution for all your utility vehicle needs.

We have partnered with industry leaders Taylor-Dunn, & Vantage Vehicles to bring you the best in gas powered utility vehicles for outdoor use. We can provide burden carriers, personnel carriers, tow tractors, vans, pick-ups and work utility vehicles for every task regardless of the conditions.

Electric vehicles are a perfect solution for moving people and materials indoors or outdoors if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint. Polaris Gem, Star EV, and Vantage Vehicles have the electric bus, van, pick up, & cart you need to keep your carbon footprint small without sacrificing performance. We have the latest in Low Speed (LSV) Electric Vehicles from innovative partners such as Polaris Gem, Star EV, and Vantage Vehicles.


Taylor-Dunn utility vehicles are specifically designed to meet the needs of special or outdoor applications and offer practical engineering matched with optimal performance.

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Vantage Vehicles

Vantage offers a range of vehicles from gasoline and electric platforms for the efficient and comfortable transportation of passengers and cargo that can be customized to meed the needs of each customer.

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Polaris Gem

When it comes to moving people and cargo with ease and efficiency, the vehicle matters. Make the smart choice with Polaris Gem.

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Star Electric Vehicles

Star electric vehicles are the best valued electric vehicles on the market.

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The Path to Implementing Automation & Robotics in Today’s Warehouse

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