Maximizing Space = Maximizing Revenue

One of the biggest expenses of running a warehouse or manufacturing center is the physical real estate itself. Starting at $150 a square foot, owning space in New England is expensive, before you even begin calculating the operating costs.

To maximize your space and therefore your efficiency and revenue, you must make space utilization a priority. Investing in smart space solutions will have a domino effect on your business operations. It improves efficiency, maximizes output and the return on your investment, before ultimately improving your bottom line.

NITCO space solutions will help you best use every square foot of your building, with customizable, tailor-made vertical and horizontal solutions. To meet your needs, we look at the current state and future state of your operations, consider where you’re headed and how you’ll get there, so we can help you create a system that accommodates the demands of your business.

NITCO will analyze SKUs, pallet movement and more to understand how product will flow through the building, and how to maximize the cubic space. From there, we can make recommendations to make the most of your warehouse. Some of our solutions include:

  • Shuttle Systems: Semi-automate the flow of SKUs through the warehouse by cubing product into condensed systems, saving on aisle space and improving space usage and efficiency.
  • Conveyor Systems: Improve the speed of product movement through a warehouse or manufacturing plant, where it can then be sorted and picked with sortation systems and pick modules.
  • Vertical Lift Module: Remove the horizontal footprint of storage solutions and moves product storage and flow upward to maximize space.
  • Rack Systems: Rack systems densify storage anywhere possible. A wide variety of racking solutions are available and can be custom fit to your needs.

If you have any questions about NITCO space solutions or would like to discuss what maximizing space would look like for you, speak to one of our experts. We have helped warehouses of all shapes and sizes save time and money with our services.


“If we have an equipment casualty, or if we’re having a problem with a piece of equipment, they’ll come out and analyze the situation on the spot and put it back in line. The trucks themselves do not fail. You get on it, it goes. If you need it, it’s there. All the equipment is that way. It does not fail.”

- Distribution Center Manager, Renys Department Store Herman Long

“It was great to have an experienced Yale technician teach our in-house service guy the ropes. Their professionalism and great service are what keep us coming back for routine service check-ups. That relationship is the key to our loyalty with Yale.”

- Senior VP of Warehouse Operations, Martignetti Companies Illias Potsis

“With our preventative maintenance plan from NITCO, our lift trucks are checked out weekly which minimizes our downtime and maintenance costs – positively affecting our bottom line.”

- Legal Seafoods, Boston, MA Fernando Rodrigues
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The Future is Now: A Comprehensive Guide to Warehouse Automation

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