TICO Pro-Spotters (Yard Spotters) will help keep the trailer unloading process moving smoothly in your yard or terminal.  Recognized as the quality leader in the Terminal Tractor Arena, TICO Pro-Spotters have high mounted air intake systems, a patented stair tread, & a modular cab for easy maintenance.

Why TICO Pro-Spotters?

TICO Pro-Spotters have:

  • A complete composite cab to help reduce the amount of corrosion.
  • A continuously welded frame as a standard item.
  • Air operated rear swing doors.
  • TICO incorporates many time saving and maintenance friendly aspects into the build of their units. Their philosophy is based on total cost of operation, not just the initial price of the unit.




Forklift Safety Checklist

Forklift Safety Checklist

This free, easy-to-use checklist neatly organizes pre-shift inspections, helping forklift operators and warehouse professionals reduce downtime, increase efficiency, save money and stay safe.