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Lithium Ion Forklift Batteries — Save Money, Eliminate Maintenance Hassles
Consider Key Advantages of Lithium Batteries vs. Lead Acid Batteries

The lithium ion forklift battery is a materials handling industry game-changer that can help you realize dramatic cost savings in your warehouse operations, and NITCO is leading the charge.

We have partnered with California-based OneCharge, one of the most innovative companies in the lithium ion battery space, to make lithium battery solutions available to companies throughout New England and beyond.

About Lithium Ion

Advanced OneCharge lithium ion batteries can significantly reduce the operating costs of your warehouse electric forklifts. While lithium forklift batteries do cost considerably more than lead acid batteries, they last 2-3 times longer and create dramatic savings in other areas that guarantee you a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Check out our detailed lithium battery blog post for more information about lithium ion batteries for forklifts and how they stack up against traditional lead acid batteries.

Lithium Forklift Battery vs. Lead Acid Battery: How to Save Money by Switching

Why Lithium Ion?
  • Here are a few of the benefits of using lithium ion batteries:
  • Dramatic cost savings
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Increased equipment availability (less down time)
  • Faster, more efficient charging (fully charged within 2 hours)
  • Lithium ion batteries maintain continuous voltage output
  • No cool-down time required
  • Full use of warehouse space (no need for battery room)
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • 5-year warranty
Cold-Storage Solution

OneCharge Frost is the lithium ion solution for cold storage. It is a safe and environmentally friendly solution to working with food products without damaging the lithium battery or reducing its capacity in a freezer storage environment. Read the Case Study about how OneCharge Frost is helping a leading US Dairy Producer.

More Information on Lithium Batteries

See why you should consider Lithium ion batteries for your industrial equipment:

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