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With the BEST options for your cleaning needs with Advance Cleaning Equipment, we also have the BEST SOLUTIONS for all your chemical and maintenance needs.

At NITCO, we feel that having a partner that is committed to making your process more efficient and cost-effective will help in keeping your facility safe and clean. NITCO offers a full line of detergents to clean your facility. Whether you have an oil filled manufacturing facility or just a dusty warehouse, we have helped clean hundreds of facilities and have a cleaning solution for you. Whether you are using our highly concentrated biodegradable detergents or just water, we will help you find the best solution.

  • Total understanding of your chemical & detergent needs.
  • Total evaluations of the right solutions for the best results.
  • Total commitment to offering environmentally beneficial & safe solutions.
  • Total commitment to offering the Total Cost-effective solution.

Are you getting the results you need from your cleaning solutions and equipment?  Would you like more control over chemical dilution procedures? Are you concerned the chemical solutions you are using are negatively impacting health and the environment?  Are there safety concerns about your chemical storage & handling?  Is your current supplier assisting and being consultative about the best solutions for your cleaning chemical program and offering suggestions to reduce cost and improve total performance?  Do you have a variety of chemical cleaning and maintenance needs?

From your warehouse to the office, NITCO can offer you cleaning solutions programs to meet your needs:

  • Cost Saving Bulk Chemical Programs, which can reduce costs up to 50%.
  • Highly effective warehouse & manufacturing floor detergents to keep floors looking good and safe.
  • Industrial Cleaning solutions using new technologies offering maximum results and safety.
  • Environmentally beneficial products and programs.
  • Hard Floor Maintenance Programs and Products: Finish, coatings, maintainers, restoration.
  • Carpet Care products for maintaining great looking carpets year round.
  • Daily Use Cleaners for all your cleaning and wiping needs from the bathroom to the shop floor.

Ask us why Blend-a-Chem is your best solution for bulk use and storage of your chemical solutions. 

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NITCO SuperCon 400

 Super Concentrated General Purpose Floor Cleaner

A super concentrated low foaming non-caustic floor cleaner that is perfect for removing the toughest soils. It has been fortified with deep penetrating detergents to cut through the heavy grease and soil deposits. This product contains no caustics, acids or abrasives. SuperCon 400 is specially formulated for use through automated dispensing equipment. After cleaning, floors will be left clean without the need for continuous scrubbing and cleaning. Recommended for routine cleaning applications.

NITCO SuperCon 400

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True-Kleen Power House

High solvent butyl cleaner

A non-combustible, remarkably fast acting concentrate that cleans anything and everything. Replaces flammable solvent degreasers for machine and tool cleaning. Replaces caustics for cleaning ovens and stoves. Replaces old fashioned floor finish removers for stripping finish and polymer build-up. Replaces acids for cleaning crusty window panes, light fixtures, toilets, etc.

True Kleen Power House Double Power Cleaner & Degreaser

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True-Kleen Activ 800

Fast acting instant soil & grease emulsifier

A highly concentrated industrial grade cleaner and heavy duty degreaser that is so unique that a patent has been granted for its synergistic action. Spontaneously emulsifies greasy and oily soil. May be used with conventional mop and bucket or spray application, but this product is a “must” for use with pressure washers and automatic scrubbers where cleaning solutions are only in contact with soil for a few seconds and must act quickly. Contains no butyl or other petroleum or chlorinated solvents.

True Kleen Activ 800

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True-Kleen Activ O

Non-Butyl degreaser fortified with natural citrus solvent

This highly concentrated, biodegradable surfactant is based on our originally patented, non-butyl, cleaner-degreaser. It is now fortified with a unique natural solvent extracted from oranges that give it superior effectiveness in penetrating and dissolving oily, greasy soil. It works like a butyl cleaner without the hazards of petroleum distillates and chlorinated solvents…and its citrus scent leaves a pleasant aroma in the work area after it is used. For use in removing greasy, oily soil from tile, concrete, marble and terrazzo floors, etc… and use it to clean such things as vending machines, garbage & trash containers, machinery, tools, etc.

True Kleen Activ O

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True-Kleen Mandarin Power

Strong Citrus Cleaner

Mandarin Power is a unique biodegradable blend of surfactants and penetrating agents which are fortified with a natural organic solvent. This organic cleaner’s distinctive formulation gives it superior effectiveness in dissolving and emulsifying stubborn grease, dirt and grime. This product can be diluted to excel in performing many different cleaning applications.

True Kleen Mandarin Power Citro Cleaner/Degreaser

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One-UP Ultratron

Extremely High-Gloss Floor Finish (25% solids)

For high traffic, high visibility floors. Durable enough for any maintenance program and traffic flow. Top-scrub programs to daily burnishing.

One Up Ultratron- Ultra Polymer Floor Coating

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True-Kleen 22-Karat Floor Finish

Non-Scuff High Gloss Floor Finish (22% solids)

Great value floor finish, when you don’t have the time for a high-maintenance floor finish. Very durable and resilient.

True Kleen 22 Karat Durable Floor Finish

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Do you spend over $15.000 anuually on any one cleaner, detergent, or degreaser?  If you answered yes, then our Blend- A-Chem program will offer significant savings over your current buying and storage methods. As us how!

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