Minuteman Max Ride 20 RoboScrubber Powered by BrainOS
Maximize Efficiency while minimizing costs
About Minuteman RoboScrubber

Minuteman enabled floor care products are capable of navigating complex, real-world environments. Minuteman’s autonomy platforms in combination with BrainOS software, enables robots to perceive their environments, control their motion, and navigate while avoiding people and obstacles. Our vision based A.I. systems enable you to clean your facility effectively and efficiently. This technology allows you to address other higher value tasks with the same personnel at the same time.

Why Max Ride 20 RoboScrubber?

The Minuteman Max Ride 20 is the next generation in robotic floor care. The RoboScrubber is powered by BrainOS an advanced vision based A. I. system that enables the robot to navigate a complex real world environment. The Max Ride 20 RoboScrubber is designed to work efficiently alongside employees but can still be used manually when needed.

Robotic Features:

  • Manual & Autonomous Control
  • Autonomous function is trained by user to replicate multiple scrubbing routes
  • Multi-layer sensor system perceives environment, controlling RoboScrubber & navigation
  • Overlapping sensors detect and avoid people and obstacles.
  • Equipped with Auto-Stop button
  • Beeps to alert passersby.

 See the Minuteman RoboScrub Max Ride 20 in action

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