How a Forklift ‘Train the Trainer’ Program Can Help Your Company

In-House Forklift Trainer Certification Program

Warehouse operators know better than anyone that forklift training is essential. But rather than send employees off-site, reducing your manpower and production for the day, what if you could conduct forklift training in-house whenever you needed it?

NITCO provides an affordable, first-class, onsite forklift Train the Trainer program that fulfills all the requirements of OSHA and allows you to have a certified forklift trainer in your facility, on your workforce. Key benefits of our comprehensive Train the Trainer program include:

  • Create a much more robust forklift safety program for your company.
  • Strengthen your ability to stay in compliance with OSHA regs.
  • Keep your people safe and your operations running smoothly.
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NITCO In-House Forklift Train the Trainer | What You’ll Get

NITCO’s in-depth Train the Trainer instruction is designed to help you generate or reinvigorate your own in-house training program. Our expert instructors have trained thousands of forklift operators — and forklift safety trainers — on all types of lift trucks, scissor lifts and aerial lifts throughout New England and upstate New York.

Your key personnel who participate in the Train the Trainer certification program will learn:

  • How to provide thorough safety and daily maintenance training to operators for nearly all types of forklifts (more specialized training may be required for aerial, scissor and boom lifts).
  • How to evaluate operators’ performance and give guidance for improvement in keeping with recognized best practices.
    How to educate non-operators about working safely around your materials handling equipment and powered industrial trucks.
  • How to remain in compliance with applicable OSHA standards (including section 1910.178).

Training is customized to accommodate the specific needs of your operation, your operators and the equipment they are using. The employees you select for this advanced training will be taught skills that enable them to offer ongoing guidance for improving the performance of each of your drivers.

Train the Trainer Details — Step by Step

1.     Sessions typically last 6-8 hours and cover a comprehensive range of essential and often-overlooked safety protocols (you’d be surprised how many operators haven’t read the Operator’s Manual for the equipment they are using).

2.     Our live, instructor-led courses are animated by engaging interactions and discussions about real-life situations that your operators and trainers deal with on the job, and questions they may have about best practices in unique situations.

3.     At the conclusion of these forklift Train the Trainer classes, your newly trained team members are issued wallet cards and certificates to keep on file — documentation that can turn out to be extremely important if an accident should ever occur, prompting OSHA to make an onsite visit.

4.     To ensure the long-term success of your forklift safety program, our instructors remain available after the initial training is complete. You’ll have their contact information, along with an open invitation to follow up with a call or email should you ever need advice or guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of forklift Train the Trainer programs?

The safety of your people is the first and most important benefit. Additional benefits of forklift Train the Trainer programs include: remaining in compliance with OSHA and avoiding potential fines, increased productivity, lower equipment and maintenance costs, and more.

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Is online forklift Train the Trainer available?

Yes. Historically, onsite training has been vastly superior to online forklift training, and it is still important to beware substandard online offerings. However, in response to the COVID-19 situation, NITCO has developed innovative, industry-leading online Train the Trainer programming.

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Do my trainers get forklift training that is certified by OSHA?

OSHA does not officially certify forklift operators or trainers, so it is important to work with an experienced forklift training partner that understands their guidelines, has a track record of providing OSHA-compliant training and provides documentation upon completion of the program.

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