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Planned Maintenance Programs
Customized to Match Your Application

To help maintain productivity and optimum uptime, our service departments offer many different maintenance plans. These can accommodate low usage one-shift operations, to high usage, multiple shift and/or multiple locations. These customized packages allow you to concentrate on your core business, knowing your equipment will perform for you when you need it.

Lower Usage Applications

  • Scheduled Maintenance Plan
    • Flat Rate or Time & Materials

Moderate Usage Applications

  • Scheduled Maintenance Plan
    • Flat Rate or Time & Materials
  • Focuses on Uptime and Unit Productivity

Multi-Shift or High Usage Applications

  • Scheduled Maintenance Program
  • Guaranteed Maintenance or Lease with Maintenance
  • Fixed monthly maintenance budgeting, up to 72 months

Organizations with Larger Fleets, High Usage, Multiple Shifts, and/or Multiple Locations

  • Fleet Management Plan
  • Consolidated Monthly Invoices
  • Planned Fleet Analysis Meetings
  • Access to NITCO Web Portal

In addition to these scheduled service and maintenance programs, more intensive forklift, lift truck and equipment repairs can also be accomplished by utilizing the NITCO Tough Test Inspection. This comprehensive inspection includes transportation, steam cleaning, and full condition report. This vital information along with our maintenance tracking and reporting capabilities, assists our customers with making informed decisions concerning asset management.

Customer service and satisfaction – our foundation to provide total materials handling solutions. For information on how we can customize a maintenance repair program for your operation, please Contact Us.

For your more specific forklift or lift truck services needs, we can also arrange for On-Site Self-Contained Motive Battery Washing or On-Site Self-Contained Equipment Pressure Washing. Our Aftermarket Professionals can give you all the details.


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