Financial flexibility. This is the cornerstone of NITCO leasing. We offer a comprehensive range of finance plans to meet your company’s financial objectives. Whether you need to simply finance a single unit to conserve working capital or to lease a complete “turnkey” warehouse, NITCO can structure the appropriate program for your company.

Choose the Plan That Meets Your Objectives

Ownership Plan – $1.00 purchase option-full payout

  • Customer entitled to depreciation
  • Financing charges are tax deductible
  • Conserves your working capital

Residual Value-Fair Market Value

  • Reduced monthly payments because of residual
  • Option to purchase at lease expiration is predetermined
  • Delays ownership decision

Use Only Plan – Our most popular lease type

  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Lowest monthly payment
  • Lease renewal option at end of term
  • Ownership option at fair market value
  • No down payment
  • Encourages automatic replacement cycle
  • Eliminate risk of equipment obsolescence and disposal issues
  • Ability to incorporate all maintenance costs into one payment (also see Fleet Services for more details)
Get All The NITCO Service Advantages
  • Master lease agreements available through a wide range of leasing firms. One easy contract simplifies adding units
  • Sales representatives with vast experience and expertise to guide your acquisition
  • Financing for used equipment and static warehouse products (i.e. pallet-rack systems)
  • NITCO Fleet Services


What’s the the right brand and model for you?

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Financing Options


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