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Efficient Solutions for Any Environment

The industrial workplace today is all about one thing – efficiency. Maximizing efficiency across all areas of operations is the key driver in saving valuable time and money, especially when it comes to energy.

The primary goal of NITCO energy solutions service is to help you find the best-fit motive power products for your industry, your budget and your ecosystem. No matter what your current power setup is, our team of energy experts can find the most efficient energy solutions from lead acid to lithium ion and beyond.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the safest and most efficient energy solutions on the market, while also meeting their budgetary and operational needs. Technology has transformed the energy industry, and some of our most popular motive power options include:

  • Lithium Ion – a cleaner, more efficient alternative to lead acid, this energy option charges quickly, lasts longer and is a clean solution for any setting.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell – this is an ideal solution for operations with a robust through-put cycle, as it has an incredibly short refuel time.
  • Lead Acid Battery – the traditional energy solution is cost-effective for a wide variety of power equipment, such as forklifts, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and more.

If you have any questions about NITCO energy solutions or would like to discuss what energy efficiency would look like for you, speak to one of our experts. We have helped warehouses of all shapes and sizes save time and money with our services.


“If we have an equipment casualty, or if we’re having a problem with a piece of equipment, they’ll come out and analyze the situation on the spot and put it back in line. The trucks themselves do not fail. You get on it, it goes. If you need it, it’s there. All the equipment is that way. It does not fail.”

- Distribution Center Manager, Renys Department Store Herman Long

“It was great to have an experienced Yale technician teach our in-house service guy the ropes. Their professionalism and great service are what keep us coming back for routine service check-ups. That relationship is the key to our loyalty with Yale.”

- Senior VP of Warehouse Operations, Martignetti Companies Illias Potsis

“With our preventative maintenance plan from NITCO, our lift trucks are checked out weekly which minimizes our downtime and maintenance costs – positively affecting our bottom line.”

- Legal Seafoods, Boston, MA Fernando Rodrigues

“My experience with Nitco so far has been nothing short of fantastic. I’d say if there is one thing that really stands out is the collaborative nature of the relationship. My responsibility is to find the most efficient way to get things done, so I want to adopt new technologies and I want to save on labor, energy, and space and that’s what Nitco’s really helped us in.”

- Global Sourcing Manager, Stanley Black & Decker Morgan McKay
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