Forklift Safety Checklist

Safety is the number one priority for forklift operators. Before getting to work, it is essential that drivers perform a thorough inspection to ensure both safety and efficiency. To help every shift start off on the right foot, we have compiled a free, comprehensive forklift safety checklist.

Our easy-to-use checklist is broken down into the three primary areas of forklift maintenance – equipment, safety, and operation. By completing these checklists, forklift drivers and warehouse professionals can keep inspection data organized, documented, and accessible.

Forklift Safety Checklist

Benefits of downloading and using your free Forklift Safety Checklist:

  • Efficiency — Failure to inspect a forklift before each shift increases the odds that something you did not notice will cost you valuable downtime during the workday.
  • Liability — Because many employers hold forklift operators responsible for the equipment they use, skipping the inspection means you might fail to notice (and possibly get blamed for) damage that occurred during the previous shift.
  • Money — Part of your pre-shift checkup involves detecting small problems before they become larger, costly problems. Plus, some seemingly minor violations (no operator’s manual, incorrect or illegible data plate) can lead to a fine from OSHA.
  • Safety! — Even for the most experienced operators, lifting and moving heavy loads can be dangerous work. The inspection checklist greatly reduces the risk of serious injury.


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