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NITCO is here for all your state and federal materials handling needs.

NITCO has a variety of products available for purchase by the government. We offer everything from aerial lifts to street sweepers and batteries to equipment rentals. We have a GSA contract and a number of contracts throughout New England to help make the process easy.

NITCO holds a number of government contracts to make the buying process effortless. Our contracts include:

  • MHEC G02 MC16
  • Massachusetts State: FAC88
  • DFS-Vehicles-2017
  • GSA contract # GS-07F-03SCA for various products
  • MAPC RFP#GBPC2018Sweepers 

NITCO has the solution for all your government purchasing needs, contact us for more information on our government contract offerings.




NITCO Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment Rentals

NITCO Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment Rentals

Browse our industrial floor cleaning rental equipment. From a high filtration vacuum to a street sweeper and everything in between, NITCO has the solution to keep your facility sparkling.