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NITCO is here for all your state and federal materials handling needs.

NITCO has a variety of products available for purchase by the government. We offer everything from aerial lifts to street sweepers and batteries to equipment rentals. We have a GSA contract and a number of contracts throughout New England to help make the process easy.

NITCO holds a number of government contracts to make the buying process effortless. Our contracts include:

  • MHEC G02 MC16
  • Massachusetts State: FAC88
  • DFS-Vehicles-2017
  • GSA contract # GS-07F-03SCA for various products
  • MAPC RFP#GBPC2018Sweepers 

NITCO has the solution for all your government purchasing needs, contact us for more information on our government contract offerings.




NITCO Catalog: Materials Handling Equipment and Solutions

NITCO Catalog: Materials Handling Equipment and Solutions

Explore an incredible variety of forklifts, cutting-edge materials handling solutions and much more in your free NITCO catalog.