Forklift & Warehouse Solutions Video Resources

Your ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Forklifts, Materials Handling | NITCO

Meet some key team members and get an inside look at NITCO — New England’s leading provider of forklifts, material handling equipment and warehouse solutions. Helping companies of all sizes and industries get the job done more efficiently since 1969.

Yale Stand Up Forklift Built for Dock to Stock Jobs | NITCO

Forklift expert Marcus Warner, director of strategic accounts for NITCO, describes the Yale ESC30 as a “best-in-class dock to stock truck” that is ideal for a range of warehouse operations, including a box store wholesale club.

Automate with Yale® Lift Trucks Driven by Balyo | NITCO

Infrastructure free, rapid deployment and scalable – just a few words to describe automated lift truck fleets. Free up workers to take on more valuable tasks and reduce operating costs by 70% with Yale® Lift Trucks Driven by Balyo.

Forklifts Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells | NITCO

NITCO works closely with industry leader Nuvera, a company that specializes in helping other businesses produce and dispense their own hydrogen fuel. See how easy it is to refuel and get a glimpse of some hydrogen-fueled forklifts in action.

TICO Pro-Spotter Makes Trailer Unloading More Efficient | NITCO

The terminal tractors manufactured by TICO are among the best in the business and NITCO is the exclusive New England dealer for TICO tractors like the Pro-Spotter. This video gives a quick glimpse at TICO Pro-Spotters (Yard Spotters) in action.

See Our Integrated Warehouse Solutions Center | NITCO

Want to see some of our versatile forklifts and industrial machines, state-of-the-art engineered systems and game-changing warehouse products in action? Here’s a sneak peek into our Integrated Warehouse Solutions Center in Shrewsbury, Mass.

Benefits of Electric Forklifts: Atlantic Plywood | NITCO

NITCO’s partnership with Atlantic Plywood demonstrates some of the many benefits of converting from internal combustion forklifts to electric, battery-powered equipment, including a cleaner, quieter warehouse and significant financial savings.

Landoll’s PT40 Precision Telehandler (Demonstration) | NITCO

Landoll’s PT40 Precision Telehandler is capable of lifting 20 tons to a height of 20 feet. Plus, its drive and lift functions can be controlled remotely, enabling a single operator to see the entire job without being confined to the operator’s statio

See the Sidewinder, a Task Support Vehicle in Action | NITCO

Check out this demonstration of the Sidewinder, a task support vehicle with a 3,000-lb. lifting capacity manufactured by Task Forklifts. Watch how the power steering and intuitive controls make this electric forklift incredibly easy to man.

Yale OSEF Mini Mast Order Picker | NITCO

NITCO’s Marcus Warner explains the features and benefits of the Yale OSEF Mini Mast Order Picker in this video shot at NITCO’s Integrated Warehouse Solutions Center in Shrewsbury, Mass. It enables an operator to elevate to a working height of 46.1 in

Combilift CB a Great Option for Unloading Containers | NITCO

The Combilift CB, Combi-CB for short, is a multidirectional forklift designed to roll right into a shipping container for easy unloading of pallets. It also has the ability to move sideways in tighter spaces. (Lifting capacity: 5,000-8,000 lbs.)

Hyster H40-60XT Series Lift Trucks | NITCO

The H40-60XT series of Hyster forklifts gives you an ideal combination of power, speed and fuel efficiency. Available in 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000-lb. load capacities, they are a versatile, hard-working choice for almost any application or industry.

SSI Schaefer Partnership Helps Us Help You | NITCO

NITCO teams up with industry-leading partners such as SSI Schaefer Systems, the world’s largest materials handling company, to expand our ability to deliver the ideal solution to even the most complex warehouse and workplace challenges.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment | NITCO

NITCO offers a full line of high-quality industrial floor cleaning equipment, including sweepers, scrubbers, sweeper-scrubbers, buffers and more from such industry-leading manufacturers as Nilfisk-Advance.