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What forklift training does OSHA require?

OSHA specifies that operators be trained on the specific materials handling equipment they use on the job and that training occur “at least once every three years.” It leaves a lot open to interpretation regarding its operator training standards. For example, an employer can tailor training sessions based on the actual work they do and their actual warehouse or worksite conditions. Check the OSHA “Training Assistance” page for more specifics.

To keep your operations running business as usual, NITCO is now offering online classes led by a live instructor that are OSHA compliant. We have taken our proven traditional training programs and transformed them to work in an online format that ensures your equipment operators are trained, certified, and safe.

Our online forklift training program is a simple system that walks users through the entire training and testing process from start to finish.

The online training will go as follows:

  1. NITCO provides all materials (introductory information, training booklets, and homework assignments).
  2. Trainees book 2-hour training session with a NITCO certified trainer.
  3. Individual training sessions are then held via Zoom video conferencing software.
  4. Following training and homework completion, trainees take the OSHA Compliant forklift training test online.

To learn more about our online training programs or to schedule a training, please contact a NITCO rep to get started.

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