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What are my service options?

NITCO offers many different maintenance programs, each tailored to the needs of the individual customer — plans designed to optimize efficiency and uptime for low-, moderate- and high-usage applications, as well as programs for managing larger fleets across multiple shifts and multiple locations.

Our team of service technicians is among the best in the business at providing the timely, quality repairs and maintenance that are essential to ensuring that your business is operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Among the service options:

Time and Materials: Generally best for customers who operate one or two trucks with light to moderate workload, this option includes a scheduled maintenance plan. Payment for maintenance and repairs is most commonly based on time and materials with flat-rate options also available.

Guaranteed Maintenance Plan: Designed for customers with multi-shift and high-usage applications, this plan enables the user to plan for fixed monthly maintenance costs. Most major repairs are covered (except tires and damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect). The monthly payment is calculated depending upon the size and type of equipment, hours of usage, working environment and length of contract.

Fleet Services Management: This is for the very large operators, those running at least 50 pieces of equipment (and probably a lot more) across multiple shifts and locations. Our fleet management team coordinates all maintenance and repairs, while also preparing comprehensive analysis reports that help the customer anticipate and plan for current and future needs. Under this plan, which is designed to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership, NITCO assigns an account manager as a single point of contact who will be thoroughly familiar with your facility, equipment and needs.

AT NITCO, we strive to connect each customer with the service plan that is ideal for them. Contact us to learn more about our planned maintenance programs.

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