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How do I know what capacity truck is needed?

The most important factor here is to know the dimensions and the weight of your typical and largest loads, as well as the typical and maximum height those loads are being lifted to. Whether or not you’ll be using attachments is also a key consideration to discuss with your forklift supplier.

A forklift’s load capacity is the maximum weight it is able to safely carry at a specified load center (for most machines that is 24 inches). The load capacity rating is reduced (also called “down rated” or “de-rated”) according to a number of factors. These include:

  • The shape and volume of the load
  • The height the load is being lifted to
  • Any attachments that are being utilized

All forklifts have an attached “data plate” that displays the load capacity, lift height, load center distance, brand and model number. The plate should also display any down rating or de-rating information (for example, forklifts with high masts may have a dual capacity rating — one at the maximum lift height and one that allows the forklift operator to work with heavier loads at low heights).

The best way to select a forklift with the ideal load capacity for your needs is to have an in-depth discussion with your equipment provider about how you’ll be using the forklift. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions. The forklift specialists here at NITCO are experts at matching your unique needs to the best equipment for the job.

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