Now more than ever, there are so many reasons to keep your floors clean and so many ways to get the job done. For best results, consider the benefits of a state-of-the-art floor scrubber machine.

  • Health: Airborne particles can not only affect the respiratory and overall health of employees; dust and dirt in the atmosphere can also affect the health of your essential equipment.
  • Safety: Clean floors are safer. Lift trucks and warehouse vehicles may not be able to stop as quickly or maneuver as nimbly on dirty floors, and navigational lines or markers may be harder to see. Slipping hazards can be an issue as well.
  • Business considerations: A cleaner environment also reflects positively on your business, whether or not your operation is customer-facing. In some cases, insurance rates can even go down.

When you add in the value of potentially driving down your total cleaning costs, purchasing, leasing or renting an industrial floor scrubbing machine is an investment that makes sense.

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With six locations in the Northeast, NITCO is a dealer of floor scrubber machines in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Multiple Options for Financing, Leasing, Renting
NITCO offers a wide range of affordable floor scrubber machines for purchase, lease or rent, with a variety of financing options.

With more than 50 years of experience serving customers across nearly all industries, the expert team at NITCO (est. 1969) works with you to understand your business and then offer consultative advice to help you:

  • Select floor scrubber equipment that will best serve your unique needs
  • Determine whether purchase, leasing or rental options will best serve your financial objectives
  • Choose the ideal service and maintenance plans to assure the health and longevity of your equipment

Financial Flexibility
This is the cornerstone of NITCO leasing. We offer a comprehensive range of finance plans to meet your company’s financial objectives. Whether you need to simply finance a single unit to conserve working capital or to lease a complete “turnkey” warehouse, NITCO can structure the appropriate program for your company.

Rental Purchase Plan
Designed for the company that needs modern equipment on a short-term basis and wants to evaluate the equipment for a possible outright purchase or lease, this plan offers everything, including equity.

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Industrial Floor Scrubber Machines from Leading-Edge Manufacturers

Our most popular models and brands include:

Advance — Advance offers floor cleaning equipment solutions for all of your commercial and industrial cleaning applications. This includes ride-on and walk-behind floor sweepers and scrubbers that are designed to increase productivity, while driving down the total cost to clean. Their green solutions reduce waste, costs and cleaning time. Part of the Nilfisk Group, Advance is a leading global provider of commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment.

Viper — This trusted brand offers economical, easy-to-operate cleaning equipment. Viper is dedicated to delivering rugged, affordable professional floor scrubbers that exceed the expectations of their customers. Also part of the global Nilfisk Group, Viper is often thought of as the company’s “value brand,” known for a strong focus on providing the best possible quality/price ratio.

Autonomous options that also feature manual functionality include:

Nilfisk Liberty — Nilfisk’s Liberty SC50 bridges the gap between traditional human operation and next-generation robotic autonomy. By pairing advanced sensors with powerful image-interpretation technology, it can map sites, plan operational routes and independently execute your floor-scrubbing routine with unerring precision and accuracy – all with minimal operator training and maximum safety.

Minuteman RoboScrubber — The Minuteman Max Ride 20 is the next generation in robotic floor scrubbing. The RoboScrubber is powered by BrainOS, an advanced vision-based artificial intelligence (AI) system that enables the robot to navigate and clean complex real-world environments. It is designed to work efficiently alongside employees but can still be used manually when needed.

For those interested in autonomous floor scrubbing and industrial cleaning options, now or in the future, NITCO offers a free site evaluation with site-specific recommendations to help you determine whether this exciting new technology is right for your operation.

One emerging benefit of autonomous floor scrubbing and cleaning machines is that they can free human workers to spend more time disinfecting, sanitizing and other value-added warehouse tasks.

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Industrial Floor Scrubber Equipment Service & Maintenance Plans

Our equipment service and planned maintenance programs are also tailored to your unique business needs, as well as the size and intensity of your operation — from low- or moderate-usage applications to multi-shift, high-usage sites and organizations with larger fleets and multiple shifts or locations.

Planned Maintenance Programs are typically the best way to keep your equipment in peak working condition. These customized packages free you to concentrate on your core business, knowing your equipment will perform for you when you need it.

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Our team of 175 top-flight, certified service technicians is the best in the business at providing the timely, quality repairs and maintenance that are essential to ensuring that your business is operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our dedicated After-Care Support team is always there when you need us — just a call, text or email away. We are located throughout New England. So, should you ever experience a problem, we’re also ready to roll for prompt emergency on-site repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How could autonomous floor scrubber machines help my company?

The benefits of this exciting new technology will vary depending on a range of factors. That’s why NITCO offers a free site evaluation to help you determine whether autonomous floor scrubber machines may be right for your operation.

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What are my acquisition options for floor scrubber equipment?

We offer a comprehensive range of finance plans to meet your company’s financial objectives and are extremely flexible when it comes to structuring a financing solution suited to your needs.

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What about floor scrubber equipment maintenance?

Our planned maintenance programs, customized to your unique needs, are usually the best way to go. The NITCO team of 175 top-flight, certified service technicians is the best in the business at providing timely, quality repairs and maintenance. We are also ready to roll should you ever need prompt emergency on-site repairs.

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