How a Floor Cleaning Machine Can Help Your Business

Would your warehouse pass the white-glove test? Of course not. No warehouse does. But keeping things clean is important for many reasons, including health, safety and financial concerns. But this doesn’t mean you need an army of skilled laborers wielding brooms, buckets and mops. Instead, you can get better results — and potentially drive down your total cleaning costs — with a state-of-the-art floor cleaning machine.

And it’s not just warehouse operations that benefit from superior cleaning equipment. We’re talking about hotels, hospitals and schools; college campuses and corporate campuses; parking facilities and government complexes; and a whole range of industrial, municipal and commercial applications.

Though today’s discussion focuses primarily on warehouse operations, the versatile range of high-quality industrial cleaning equipment on the market today means that — whatever your workspace — there is an ideal, cost-effective solution for keeping your buildings and grounds clean and well-maintained.

Why a Clean Workspace Matters

Make no mistake, this is not just about keeping up appearances. Clean, sparkling facilities always create a more favorable impression than dusty, dirty surroundings. But here are some additional reasons why investing in industrial cleaning equipment is part of a sound business strategy:

  • Available manpower is deployed more efficiently, since one floor cleaning machine can do the job of many, many workers wielding brooms or shop vacs.
  • Cleanup using manual tools such as brooms often means that dirt gets moved around and dust gets airborne, whereas a floor cleaning machine will contain and remove it.
  • Airborne particles can affect the respiratory and overall health of employees.
  • Dust and dirt in the atmosphere can also affect the health of your machinery, including your forklifts and other materials handling equipment.
  • Cleaner floors are safer when you consider that lift trucks and warehouse vehicles may not be able to stop quite as quickly on dirty floors and that yellow navigational lines painted on the floor may be harder to see.
  • It’s good for business. For warehouse operations, customers and potential customers want to see clean facilities when they’re doing business with you or considering moving their products through your facility. In some cases, insurance rates can even go down.

A Solution for Every Situation

Buffers. Sweepers. Scrubbers. Sweeper-scrubbers. Riding equipment and walk-behind models. Electric utility vehicles and high-filtration industrial vacuums. The range of options is immense and it’s important to do some research to determine the ideal solution for your specific needs.

The floor cleaning experts at NITCO are skilled at helping you figure out what will work best for your operation. One of New England’s leading forklift and materials handling equipment companies, NITCO is also a leading supplier of industrial cleaning equipment. Through its floor cleaning and commercial products division, the company has partnered with the some of the best manufacturers in the world to help you keep your facilities looking their best.

Some of the highlights from NITCO’s extensive product line include:

  • Sweepers and sweeper/scrubber combos from Advance, one of the nation’s top manufacturers of quality floor-cleaning equipment.
  • Buffers, auto scrubbers and vacuums from Viper that are easy to operate, rugged and affordable.
  • Versatile, durable outdoor street sweepers from Ravo and Stewart-Amos.
  • Powerful industrial vacuums from Nilfisk and Viper.
  • Environmentally friendly and immensely handy electric utility vehicles and personnel carriers from Polaris, Vantage, Star and Taylor-Dunn.

At NITCO (est. 1969) we have decades of experience working closely with a wide range of industries, using a consultative approach that ensures you’ll always have the right equipment for the job. Plus, our service department is the best in the business, with highly skilled technicians covering all of New England.

We make purchase and financing easy, and rental options are also available. So please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to exchange ideas about how our top-quality industrial cleaning equipment might benefit your business.


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