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What if you could track practically everything about your forklifts or your equipment fleet in real time through a high-tech, but easy-to-use wireless system? You can start by imagining a game-changing new ability to improve safety and accountability, while eliminating inefficiencies and lowering your overall cost of operation.

The good news is, we’re not talking about some magical forklift management feature from the future. With cutting-edge wireless fleet management systems (also called forklift telematics), you can begin reaping the benefits of next-generation forklift technology today.

Adding forklift telemetry capabilities to your materials handling equipment is not as complex as you might imagine; it starts with the addition of some sleek, unobtrusive hardware that is easy to install and activate. The modules are equipped with sensors, GPS and telemetry technology, enabling your machines to collect incredibly helpful, actionable data that provides new insight into countless aspects of your operation.

Industry-leading wireless fleet management systems developed by Hyster and Yale (the Hyster Tracker and Yale Vision) enable you to accurately track every truck in your fleet in real time through an online portal. Using an onboard GPS system, the portal offers a bird’s-eye view of your equipment, delivering detailed information about which trucks are active, where they are, which ones need scheduled maintenance and more.

The technology shared by the Hyster and Yale systems offers “fault code tracking” on 4,400 different fault codes and the ability to transmit information and alerts on everything from an engine at risk of overheating to highly detailed impact reports if a forklift bumps into something.

Here at NITCO, for example, one client’s wireless fleet management system reported a cluster of low-level impacts involving a single machine within a very short period of time. It turns out that the company was transporting a pallet jack in the back of a truck across some terrain that was pocked with potholes. The pallet jack was not well secured and was getting jostled around, risking potential damage to the machine.

Of course, the system will also generate instant alerts about more significant impacts that could result in serious damage or even injury, or provide valuable information about potential problem areas in a warehouse or outdoor work environment.

Yale describes its Yale Vision offering as a scalable, cloud-based system in which the data that is continually collected through wireless monitoring is securely stored and instantly accessible to give users an entirely new level of transparency.

The Hyster and Yale systems are available in three tiered levels, each of which come with training and hands-on monitoring from an experienced telemetry support analyst. Cloud-based subscription services free the client from maintaining the forklift data, meaning there is little or no effort required by the client’s IT department.

Forklift Telemetry & Wireless Fleet Management | Levels of Service

Wireless Monitoring — The most basic level offers an extremely robust set of capabilities including the functions described above.

Wireless Access — This includes all of the Level 1 features, plus a card reader that can require equipment operators to “badge in” before using the machine. This system allows companies to know exactly who is operating what vehicle, when and where. In addition to creating heightened accountability, this function supplies valuable information about forklift operator safety and productivity. It can also be set to automatically shut down a vehicle that has been idle for a specified period of time.

Wireless Verification — This level features a supercharged “badge in” process that requires operators to run through a pre-shift safety inspection checklist that is mandated by OSHA. The prompt-based, on-board verification system helps identify potential equipment issues, allowing them to be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible, reducing expenses or potential downtime.

For friendly, straightforward advice and a clear-eyed cost-benefit analysis detailing how your company could potentially benefit from wireless fleet management technology, contact NITCO today.

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