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About Yale

With Yale, you know you’re getting more than just a product. You’re getting the complete Yale experience. It’s the promise we make that goes beyond our products, and our commitment to support you with the best service in the industry. Easy service is the hallmark of Yale® products, so when it comes time to service the Yale AEREO™ aerial work platform, we’ve made certain you’ll be back up and running fast.


Why Yale?

The Yale AEREO™ aerial work platform (AWP) is a highly versatile unit, suitable for almost any industry. With a 450 lb. capacity and 19.5 foot lift height, the AWP can be used for a variety of functions, from manufacturing to retail environments. The vehicle has a large variety of uses such as warehousing, transporting materials and supplies, inventory maintenance, distribution, stock picking, restocking, facility maintenance, and more. The Yale AEREO™ AWP is designed with a spacious compartment for operator comfort and storage space. Using ladders and movable stairs are clumsy and challenging, leading to potential falls and strains. The aerial work platform turns those precarious elevated challenges into more controlled, efficient activities, helping to keep your employees more productive.

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