NITCO is the exclusive Hawker Powersource dealer for New England!

Aerial lifts and work platforms make the tasks of loading, unloading, lifting and transporting easier and more productive. When you need to work higher and more efficiently, NITCO has the solution for you — from scissor and boom lifts to hydraulic lifts and aerial trucks. We have partnered with the premier aerial and personnel lift manufacturers to help you reach new heights safely and efficiently.

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Aerial Lifts

Explore our full line of aerial lifts from the top manufacturers in the industry.

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Low-Level Access

Tackle simple maintenance and light facility work with our low-level access solutions.

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Vertical Lifts

Try an enclosed lift solution that can carry heavy payloads to mezzanine and multi-level storage systems.

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Scissor Lifts

Easily perform repeat lift jobs with our efficient and safe scissor lift options

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Boom Lifts

Reach new heights with a boom lift, ideal for construction, electrical work and more.

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Get the features of a forklift in an aerial lift format.

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